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Antioxidant chago tea (no additives) 100g

Antioxidant chago tea (no additives) 100g
  • Antioxidant chago tea (no additives) 100g
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Country of manufacture:Russia

According to Interfax on 11.11.2020, Vector specialists have invented a remedy for SARS - CoV - 2 based on a birch mushroom!

Ingredients: birch chaga mushroom.

Chaga is a taiga healer of Siberia. Chaga tea invigorates, improves overall well - being, and increases efficiency. In folk medicine, chaga has long been used for the treatment and prevention of the gastrointestinal tract and various oncological diseases. Chaga is a unique source of antioxidants, it contains a whole spectrum of useful elements, some of which are united by the concept of "chromogenic complex".

Chagochay promotes: prevention and victory over oncology, restoration of strength and health of the spirit, strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, stabilization of the reproductive function of men, relieving pain and spasms.

The taste of "Chagochai" is neutral, taiga and to some extent resembles the traditional long - term black tea.


Also, the line of our chaga teas contains various herbs: sagan - daila, currant, thyme, mint, which further increase the value of this drink and make it more useful.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Weight: 100 g
Packaging:Doypack with a nozzle
Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2021

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